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Premium Soy Beverages By Haelan Products

For nearly 20 years Haelan Products Inc. has been the leading source for high concentrate soy beverages. Our
product enjoys the international spotlight for its nutritional efficiency and effectiveness. 

In 1989 Lesly Todesco and her husband Joe founded Haelan after witnessing a fermented soy product work wonders for a close friend.  Since then, years of effort have gone into perfecting the
handling, preparation, and fermentation processes for our product. Not surprisingly, Haelan soy beverage has grown in notoriety to an international phenomenon, with the majority of sales coming from the competitive European market. 

We at Haelan are dedicated to distributing to the world market the most effective soy-based product available. Explore our website to learn why our beverage sets a new performance standard for nutritional soy products.  Please contact us directly with other questions. 


Please note: This is the only official website for Haelan Products, Incorporated.  Other websites using the Haelan name are not owned by us, nor are we responsible for claims that they make.                              

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