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Our History 

Haelan Products, Inc. was founded in 1989. It all began when Lesly Todesco heard of a fermented soy product manufactured and sold in China that had worked wonders for a friend. After learning more about the benefits of soy generally, and the benefits of the product specifically, she and her husband Joe decided that the product needed to be available in the United States.  They established Haelan Products, Incorporated and Joe assumed the role of President.  Since that time, Haelan Products, Inc. has become a leader in the field of nutrition.

Haelan 951 is in fact a third generation product. The first generation product was developed by a nutritionist working in hospitals in China. Her idea was to provide proper nutrition with a harmonious blend of enzymes, amino acids, vegetable proteins, nutrients and micronutrients.  Of course, it is now understood that the important dietary components of soy also include isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols and inositol hexaphosphate compounds. In the case of Haelan, this also includes the Bowman Birk Inhibitor (BBI). These benefits are the end product of manufacturing quality improvements.  Improvements include the selection of soybean based on species, maturity and growing environment. They also include our patented fermentation process which preserves and protects dietary nutrients and render them easily absorbed, assimilated and metabolized. 

With our world headquarters located in the Seattle, WA area, the company has benefited from valuable input from practitioners, scientists, educators, distributors and consumers.  Individuals from every walk of life have been committed to moving forward the wider distribution of this product and fuller understanding of its benefits. 

Our Mission and Values 

It is our mission to move forward the public understanding of the healthful benefits soy in general, and of Haelan 951 in particular. We hope that these benefits can become more fully understood and communicated in both the research and consumer populations. Toward that goal, we seek to partner with legitimate clinical investigators interested in further research into the benefits of soy. The high concentration of critical soy properties in Haelan 951 would provide a unique opportunity to see at the clinical level those effects that have been documented by others and which have been reported to us as anecdotal data and case studies.  We urge potential partners to contact us to explore the sharing of resources and expertise. 

Our values are directed toward helping our clients and customers live a healthy, nutritious lifestyle. The benefits of soy are well known, and the benefits of high quality soy are even greater. We hope to expand the public’s information regarding this important product, and to do so through transparency, information and education. This is the only official website for Haelan Products, Incorporated.  Other websites using the Haelan name are not owned by us, nor are we responsible for claims that they make. If there are any questions regarding our affiliations with other websites or organizations, or regarding claims made related to our product Haelan 951, please contact us at contact@haelan951.com
. We guarantee a prompt response. 

Our Team 

Joe Todesco remains President and CEO of Haelan, Inc. A small, dedicated team in Woodinville manages inventory distribution, local sales, marketing and product information.  Our larger team of dedicated distributors spans across the globe. We thank them for their work and commitment! 

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