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Important Information For Active Cancer Patients

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The first thing we want you to know is, cancer is beatable!

As tough and scary as the situation may be for you, stay positive and know the general public has a darker view of cancer than it really should be. According to, “The number of people living beyond a cancer diagnosis reached nearly 14.5 million in 2014 [versus the estimated 585,720 deaths from cancer] and is expected to rise to almost 19 million by 2024”.

The National Cancer Institute spent $20 million on a study depicting the anticancer compounds in fruit and vegetables and found five superstar anticancer compounds – all being found abundantly in soy. Isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, and phytic acids are the five that were deemed as anticancer compounds. Soy isoflavones alone not only have the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth, but have the ability to stimulate differentiation, causing cancerous cells to change back into healthy (noncancerous) cells.

Soy’s Bowman-Birk protease inhibitor (BBI) has been proven to prevent the activation of genes that can cause cancer. Haelan 951 is unparalleled in its isoflavone (especially genistein and daidzein) and BBI inhibitor count and we believe it can help you increase your quantity and quality of life.

Haelan Products, Inc. believes there are multiple ways to overcome cancer. Haelan 951 is an organic, non-GMO, fermented soybean beverage that many clients have determined is best for helping. Let us tell you why…

Haelan Products, Inc. has many clients who have determined Haelan 951 is best for an “all natural” approach. We also have clients that have determined it to be a crucial addition to chemotherapy, radiation, and other westernized medicine approaches. Understanding the Mechanisms of Action of fermented soy will help you determine if it is a good fit for you! Please take a look at the Mechanisms of Action sheet published by Haelan Research Foundation and do not make the mistake of confusing the effects of fermented soy with regular soy.

Whether you determine you want to fight your cancer in the “all natural”, “all chemo”, or in the middle with an integrative approach, we believe our product can be a good fit for you.

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