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Dear friend,

My name is Jim Ladwig.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve made important discoveries that have helped people around the world who have felt tired or zapped from cancer treatments “return to normal” — these discoveries provide a shortcut for anyone looking to access an entourage of immunity-boosting nutrients.

This is the only place where You’ll Discover the Incredibly Powerful Superfood Beverage that top scientists from around the globe tout as being one of the most powerful immune-boosting beverage in existence.

This superfood beverage, may help you:

- Feel better and improve general wellness

- Dramatically boost your immune system

- Tackle inflammation

- Equip your body with all-star cancer fighters

- Access key antioxidants through maximum bioavailability.

Our beverage accomplishes all of this without using ANY of the problematic practices typically found in other “health” foods — things like artificial chemicals, preservatives, or other gunk.

This is a real, powerful, non-GMO, GMP compliant, heavy metals tested, lab-tested, and organic beverage that contains the highest concentration of immune-boosting nutrients and top 5 natural anti-cancer compounds known to man.

My Journey With Cancer

It had been about eight months of doctor visit after doctor visit and test after test. Several times, I was sent home and told that it’s just Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I needed to take this or that pill to help manage it or maybe it’s all in your head. But I knew that something else was going on. I had felt ill before but never this long and not in this way. There was something going on in my body that was unlike anything I had experienced before, and I was determined to figure it out.

We were in the middle of a move across town with a new baby and a first grader in tow. I must admit; I was not much help during this major life transition. I can understand my family’s frustration; I had always been one to make things happen and get the important jobs done. So, many of the things that I would usually take on were getting missed. Finally, after unloading the final boxes I turned to my wife and said, "I'm going to try one more time and go see another doctor." This time it was a local Nurse Practitioner in our new small town just outside of Nashville, TN.

When I described all that was going on, she had a very puzzled look. She just kept reviewing the details with me. She was the first one I felt really listened to me. At last I felt I was being heard. But, then the consensus... more tests! After getting back some of the results, we saw no indications as to what was going on but there was still another one left to do. I was getting tired of being poked and prodded but needed to see it though. About a week later the results were in. I had been diagnosed with a cancerous mass that was causing major issues with my digestion.

During the 8 months of searching for health answers I began to educate myself on nutrition. Taking classes and even going on to get certifications. I wanted to figure out how my body could heal naturally and how to best position myself for any interventional treatments if needed.

After the diagnosis, I was on the phone with a close friend when he started to share with me about a product his father helped develop that had seen great success helping people in my situation. I immediately started on it.

Fast forward 16 months and I am sitting with my wife in my doctor’s exam room recalling all that has happened over the last few years. We discussed the major lifestyle changes, diet changes and environmental changes that I have made along with the amazing support from my family and friends throughout this journey. As we wrapped up, I asked my doctor "so, when do I need to see you again?" I will never forget the look of relief on my wife's face as he said, "I believe we're done. Everything is looking great and we don't need to do anymore follow up."

The Two Words That Changed My Life Forever

Years ago I heard about a cancer food study that led me to a discovery that would change my life forever...

As it turns out, there are many different compounds found in food, and many of the compounds affect your body in the same way — regardless of what food they’re sourced from.

I thought that was interesting, and little did I know where that would lead me...

In 1991, the National Cancer Institute conducted a massive study to identify these compounds and their implications with cancer.

After their ($20 million!) study of fruits and vegetables (Journal of the Nation Cancer Institute April 17, 1991), they identified five superstar compounds:


Protease Inhibitors



Phytic Acid

From that study, I eventually heard TWO words that uncovered the secret to finding the highest concentrations of these five anti-cancer compounds…

I was one step closer to finding something that was delivering these anti-cancer nutrients and immunity-boosting benefits.

But I still had a ways to go...

The Pursuit for the World’s Best Anti-Cancer Superfood

Those two words led our team down a years-long path commissioning peer-reviewed scientific studies, studying foods, and gathering proof.

The evidence looked promising, but they had to be sure…

Our team worked tirelessly with the top scientists in the world to make sure the formula was just right.

Give your body the all-star anti-cancer compounds it needs to fight back against disease

Here’s what’s a little crazy to me. This product has been available for over 30 years but still isn’t known to the common household.

It is produced by a company people call when they can’t feel normal and are overwhelmed with the side effects of cancer medication, or when they feel like they’re always tired and weak, or when they aren’t feeling their best and have little stamina.

They’re also the company people call when they want to be one step ahead of diseases by always getting the most power-packed nutrient boost they can day after day.

They wouldn’t have lasted this long if people didn’t keep coming back.

And the truth is, I wouldn’t have been able to help others until I discovered what they had discovered, over 30 years ago.

But once I did, everything clicked...

The Two Words That Changed My Life

The two words that have had such a dramatic effect on my own life, my friends, and my client’s lives are: Fermented Soy.

Yep. I know. It sounds like something you’ve left in your fridge too long after getting takeout. But this food is the real deal.

Let me explain.

According to numerous scientific studies, including the $20 Million Dollar study by the National Cancer Institute, the ONE FOOD that contains all of the best anti-cancer compounds is the soybean.

The thing is, there are over 2000 strains of soybeans! And each of them has different levels of those compounds! To make matters more complicated many soybeans have genetically modified and toxically grown. This has led to many conflicting reports on the health benefits of soy… and rightfully so.

How do you know which ones are safe? How do we know which ones are effective? Surely there is variability within those strains and growing standards?

Well… you’d be right.

The Search for the Perfect Anti-Cancer Food

The next step was finding the best strain and the best way to deliver the awesome benefits of soy.

And let me tell, it took time. So much time.

But, they finally found the right strain.

Next was to refine the process of growing and harvesting at the perfect time.

But the biggest discovery they made was a new development in fermentation that allowed them to unlock the full potential of soy. This process removed all the unwanted attributes of the soybean and further enhanced the healing properties.

This development was a new type of nitrogen fermentation done in multiple stages. The fermentation process uses the autogenic antiammonia azotobacter mutant strain, induced from Azotobacter vinelandii as inoculum in an industrial fermentation. They are specific bacterial strains belonging to the species Stenotrophomonas maltophilia.

I bet you had fun reading that last part… But trust me that was a major development.

It turns out that fermentation is the only way to see all the healing benefits found in soy. The fermentation process increases the benefit and bioavailability of these compounds. Fermented foods also raise the PH of your body, which helps your body in many ways.


To sum it up, the absolute BEST food for anti-cancer benefits is a 1 in 2000 type of soybean that’s been meticulously fermented and calculated to create maximum bioavailability…

And after that long and difficult (but also very fun and exciting period), they nailed it.

They had unlocked the true healing potential of soybeans.

And that’s exactly what Haelan 951 is.

The result of all of those years of research and tests, and this formula has not changed since.

Start using the immunity-boosting benefits of Fermented Soy this week

I couldn’t keep this to myself...

This food was having such an impact on me personally, and it wasn’t fair to keep it a secret. Everyone should know about Fermented soy. That's why I came to work with Haelan Products, it changed my life and it can change yours too.

One study documented a 700% non-specific increase in immune function by activating the macrophage.

Amazing, right?

Haelan 951 was formulated to be the best delivery vehicle for fermented soy, and that’s why after decades of being in this industry people keep coming back to our product.

What is Addressed?

IMMUNE FUNCTION: The immune system is our defense system. It comprises biological structures and processes that protects against disease. Our immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue. A properly functioning immune system is key to health.

INFLAMMATION: Chronic inflammation is considered “bad” inflammation, it causes “wear-and-tear” due to repeated inflammation, it keeps coming back and can be triggered and re-triggered by certain factors. Unfortunately, there is no real “cure” for chronic inflammation because it is your body’s reaction. Many diseases have their roots in inflammation. What starts out as an irritation can lead to something that is a much bigger deal.

OXIDATION: Free radicals, or unstable molecules, subject our cells to continuous damage, known as oxidative stress or oxidation. Oxidative stress is believed to lead to the development of some of the most prominent chronic diseases and disorders killing adults today, especially heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

HORMONAL IMBALANCE: Hormones are vital to more than just mood. They help regulate daily bodily functions like reproduction, movement and much more. They carry messages between various parts of the body to help turn on or off processes that control appetite, growth, stress, blood sugar, sleep cycles just to name a few.  

How is it Addressed?

ISOFLAVONES: Isoflavones have been studied for their ability to fight inflammation, oxidation and regulate Notch signaling thus improving immune system function and balancing hormones.

PROTEASE INHIBITORS: Studied for their ability to preventing synthesis of key proteins required for cancer cells spread with anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties as well.

SAPONINS: Studies have show saponins can block certain signaling pathways in colon cancer cells. Also known to fight inflammation, free radical damage and improve immune function.

PHYTOSTEROLS: Another anti-cancerous, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compound with implications in fighting ovarian, breast, stomach and lung cancer.

PHYTIC ACID: Phytates have the ability to act on immune function to augment NK (Natural Killer) cells to hunt and dispose of cancerous cells.

OTHER VITAMINS AND AMINO ACIDS: Various vitamins as well as essential and branched chain amino acids help ward off oxidation and provide a multitude of other health benefits.



As we mentioned earlier, our team works with the top scientists in the world to ensure Haelan 951 is loaded with natural compounds that help promote your body’s natural fighters.

With Haelan 951 you get proteins, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E, and K1. With many additional micronutrients such as daidzein, genistein, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, essential fatty acids, twenty of the twenty-two amino acids and more.

That’s a lot, but it’s true.

We reference and commission peer-reviewed studies to back up what we say.

We will answer any questions or concerns you have. You have my word.

We know from the science, from clients, and from our own personal experiences that Haelan 951 works, so we have no issues with proving it time and time again.

HAELAN 951 is not a supplement

Haelan 951 is not a supplement and does not contain harmful ingredients.

We believe powerful food can aid recovery and help you feel great.

It’s just that simple.

And I’m going to be honest with you, Haelan 951 is not cheap. But how could it be? Each bottle contains only the best of about 25lbs (imagine a 5-gallon bucket full) of organic, non-GMO soybeans. The level of soybean concentration within each bottle and meticulous fermentation is incredibly expensive.

We have cut our prices to as low as we can to stay in business because we want to get this life-changing drink into the hands of as many people as possible.

So sure, it’s expensive to deliver such life-changing benefits, but it’s also the only way that actually works.

Are you paying for placebo?

The supplements and nutritional food & beverage industry is notorious for faulty science and highlighting correlation over causation. Even if people do report feeling a certain way, without rigorous testing it’s most likely a placebo or spike in energy levels from sugar.

And that’s exactly why those effects often fail to last. If you’ve been hopping between products for years and always feel like there’s an expiration date on how you feel, it’s because the majority of them are not actually working in the long term.

The only way to know if what you’re putting in your body is good for you now and for years to come is by looking at epidemiological studies on real foods that have been consumed for thousands of years.

Say goodbye to bloating with small serving sizes

Individuals who are taking Haelan 951 for general wellness (prevention/maintenance) typically start with by taking 1/2 - 1 oz. per day on our cost-saving subscription.

Individuals who are taking Haelan 951 to maximize the healing benefits in response to health challenges, typically work up to a full bottle per day for 90 – 120 days

Haelan 951 is championed by doctors around the world.

Hippocrates Health Institute - Dr Brian Clement on Haelan 951

Dr. V on Haelan 951

And described as a “game-changer” by our clients...

"The customer service I have received as EXCELLENT. I've noticed the most difference with the pain I was experiencing... My pain was a "12" on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worst) and now it's only about a 4-5 when nothing else was helping. I feel like everything in my body is improving and I am so happy!"

Lue B.

2 APR 2017, 12:21

"With sorrow I can say I lost my loved one to the endless battle of cancer. I will say with joy, that I know in my heart if my husband were to not have got informed of this product through his doctor, then I truly believe that the 9 extended years he was with me would have never come... Thank you Haelan for all the support."


15 SEP 2017, 14:42

"Haelan is about the best product I have taken for my situation dealing with cancer. It doesn't taste the best, but it sure has kept me alive. By no means do I feel like this is the only nutrient to take, BUT is hands down one that needs to be taken daily. Don't pass it up!"


15 SEP 2017, 14:42

What to do next...

Here’s how to make sure you get the best experience from Haelan 951.

Typically, our users fall into one of two categories:

Either you are:
A) Currently in a health challenge (starting or in treatment, or in recovery)

B) Looking to maximize your wellness and disease prevention.

If you are currently in treatment or recovery, then our ACTIVE serving is for you.

If you are looking to maximize disease prevention and want to see how the world’s most nutritious beverage can help you in your wellness goals, then our WELLNESS serving is for you.

Here’s the thing. We are so excited to get this in your hands, that we’re willing to buy and deliver a complimentary sweet mint flavoring with your first sample pack.

Fermented soy doesn’t taste the best, but real health demands sacrifices sometimes! But by adding the all-natural, sugar free, Sweet Mint Flavoring you do not have to make the sacrifice.

If you are searching, like I was, for something different, for a product that does not compromise and offers real sustained results, then you owe it to yourself to get started today.

Just click the links below to pick up your sample pack and enter ACTIVEDISCOUNT or WELLNESSDISCOUNT at checkout.

Ready to unlock the benefits of the most nutritious beverage in existence?

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