What is Haelan 951?

Haelan 951 is a one-of-a-kind nitrogen fermented beverage made from a unique species of 100% organic soybean grown in the mountains of Mongolia with a 30+ year history of improving health at a cellular level.

Our advanced concentrate has calculated levels of native soybean compounds, fermentation metabolites and enzymes showing various biological properties, such as anti-angiogenic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic activities, hormone balancing and more

To understand the scope of Healan 951®, a unique fermented soy beverage, and how it works, it is often helpful to understand the history of soybeans and the potential for issues found in its current production.

History of Soybeans

For thousands of years soybeans have been a part of a traditional Asian diet. This is due to soybeans having a robust nutritional profile. Soybeans are rich in vitamins, minerals, and complete protein. Soybeans contain all the essential amino acids, and this makes them unique. Traditional dishes were generally fermented to unlock the true benefits of soybeans and over the year’s epidemiologist have noted that these traditional diets have led to overall lower occurrences in prostate cancer, breast cancer and other health issues. A study on residents of Okinawa, Japan found a soy rich diet to be a major contributor to some calling it “the healthiest place on earth.”

Over the years, the industrial applications of growing soy have dominated the growing market for soybean production. From crayons to fuel, soybeans found their way into almost every aspect of our lives. This rise in demand caused a major need to increase the production of soybean crops. In the early 1990s the agricultural implications of genetic engineering were starting to be realized. With this type of advancement, they could produce a crop that could resist drought, herbicides, disease and increase or decrease specific profile traits of the crop. This genetic engineering and rushed growing process has led to a major decline in the quality of much of the soy available today - making it in many cases have negative health effects instead of positive.

However, there are still some species of soybean that are available today that can have the same positive health effects experienced for thousands of years.

"What I consider, one of the most, if not the most effective supplements on the planet"
Dr. Brian Clement
Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute

Our Unique Soybeans

Of the over 2000 species of soy there are only a few that have the nutrient density of our particular soybean.

During the 1980s a hospital nutritionist was looking to combat the side effects of traditional cancer treatments ultimately leading to cachexia (protein calorie malnutrition). This extreme weight loss and muscle wasting is common in cancer patients and is difficult to address. After extensive testing and the development of a new fermentation technology, the team was able to develop the first generation of highly bioavailable fermented soy. But it was quite a process to get it produced.

Since then the formulation has undergone revisions to enhance the nutritional profile. This has brought us to the current formula of Haelan 951.


"I've witnessed the effect that it has had on my health, and on countless patients over the years"
Dr. Véronique Desaulniers
Founder Breast Cancer Conqueror

Our Patented Process

It starts with the growing process. Our unique species is grown in Mongolia at an elevation of 3,300 feet. This allows us to avoid cross pollination with lesser species of soybean and maintain a consistent crop each time. The organic growing process is fertilized with volcanic ash to encourage good bacteria and keep the soil infused with nutrients. Finally, the beans are picked at the optimal time to ensure they are in their most nutrient rich state.

Once the beans are harvested, they are transported to our family owned factory in China where they undergo an extensive fermentation process. There, we employ the highest manufacturing standards and lab testing to ensure that the final product is the highest quality. Our patented multistage nitrogen fermentation process uses the autogenic antiammonia azotobacter mutant strain, induced from Azotobacter vinelandii as inoculum in an industrial fermentation. They are specific bacterial strains belonging to the species Stenotrophomonas maltophilia.

I bet you had fun reading that last part…

This fermentation process reduces approximately 25 lbs. of raw soybean to make only one 8 oz bottle. During this process we add no fillers, colors, flavors, or anything else that could disturb the healing properties of Haelan 951. The process is completed with lab testing to verify the specific levels desired are achieved and that no other contaminates are found. The fermentation process hydrolyzes many of the soybean proteins into amino acids and compounds that are rich in nitrogen, polysaccharides, and fermentation metabolites of the naturally occurring isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols and inositol hexaphosphate compounds in soybeans

By using these naturally occurring compounds found in our specific soybeans, we have seen a dramatic increase in their ability to aid the body in natural health. Haelan 951 is rich in proteins, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E, and K1. With many additional micronutrients such as daidzein, genistein, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, essential fatty acids, twenty of the twenty-two amino acids and more.

However, the real key to unlocking this potential is the fermentation. This makes these compounds exponentially more bioavailable to your body. In other words, your body can readily absorb the nutrition. This is the primary reason we do not encapsulate or use a dry version. Keeping it in the liquid state allows for your body to begin assimilation the moment it touches your lips.

You may be starting to get an idea of why Haelan 951 is considered a premium product. But premium products demand premium results.

Some Haelan 951 Studies

The effect of fermented soy (FSWW08) on blood hematology and cachexia in cancer patients

“The clinical study presented here shows that the use of two fermented soy products (FSWW08 (Haelan951) with and without yam root extract) reduces appetite loss, cachexia and leukocytopenia in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.”

The flavonoid beverage Haelan 951 induces growth arrest and apoptosis in pancreatic carcinoma cell lines in vitro

"The results show for the first time that Haelan may be a promising candidate in the treatment of human pancreatic cancer, and its anticancer activity may be potentiated when administered with calpain inhibitors."

Managing immunity in resistant cancer patients correlates to survival: results and discussion of a pilot study

"This publication reports two new findings from a pilot study with postsurgical, treatment resistant patients conducted over four years. First, neither treatment resistance nor side effects were observed. Second, more patients have survived than expected."

Balancing steroidal hormone cascade in treatment-resistant veteran soldiers with PTSD using a fermented soy product (FSWW08): a pilot study

“It is the first time that the normalization of the whole steroidal hormone cascade in the blood could be correlated with improvements in mental and physical parameters (especially metabolic and immunologic disorders) in veterans with combat-related and treatment-resistant PTSD.”

Haelan 951 has undergone many studies and has proven itself time and time again. Many of these studies have been published on The National Institute of Health website under Haelan 951 and FSWW08 for you to review.

How does Haelan 951 work?

As mentioned before the original intent was to combat cachexia in late stage cancer patients. This was the focus of many of the early studies and continues to be a focus today. The high concentration and combination of anti-inflammatories, amino acids and other phyto-nutrients allows the gut to heal and nutrient absorption to resume.

Because other things were noted during these treatment combination studies, Haelan 951 went on to be looked at for various other hormonal, inflammatory, and toxic load driven problems such as PTSD, ALS, and others. These studies began exposed more of the potential inner workings of Haelan 951 including:

Apoptosis Allowed to Proceed

DNA repair Enhanced.

P-21 Gene Activity Increased

Anti-angiogenesis Without Destroying VEGF

Reduces NK Cell Inhibiting Exosomes

Improves Ratio – ER-A/ER-B

Increased Estrogen receptor-beta receptors – ER-B

Decreased Estrogen receptor-alpha receptors – ER-A

Decreases the Matrix Metalloproteinases Enzyme

Produces Anti-Cancer Metabolites

Shuts Down NF-kB Mutation Pathway

Decreases Viral and Bacterial Burdens

Overcomes Depression and Improves Quality of Life

Non-Specific Immune Stimulation Increased through improved Macrophage Activity

And more…

These findings have been studied in many peer reviewed papers and backed by over 30 years of clinical application of Healan 951.

One more thing to note in Haelan 951, is the concentration of five compounds that are found in soybeans. These compounds can be found in other fruits and vegetables, but the limitation is their bioavailability and concentration.
In 1991 the National Cancer Institute conducted a study to identify these compounds and their implications with cancer. After their $20 million study of fruits and vegetables (Journal of the Nation Cancer Institute April 17, 1991) they identified a few superstar compounds:


One isoflavone that gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so, is Genistein. It is a hormone-like substance that has been the subject of numerous studies. It has been studied for its ability to inhibit the initialization of cellular pathways that lead to cancer and stop Notch signaling, the Notch pathway is a regulator of natural immunity and inflammation. Genistein is a phytoestrogen and antioxidant. This powerhouse isoflavone is still being studied for the many anticancer, anti-inflammation, antioxidant and various other implications.

Researchers in Finland came to the conclusion that areas of Japan have lower rates of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer due to the dietary absorption of genistein. Genistein is a weaker estrogen that binds itself on estrogen receptors in cancerous cells that need this hormone to grow. Genistein is also great at depriving cancer cells of tyrosine protein kinase, which is necessary for them to flourish, and disrupting enzymes that allow cancerous tumors development.

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Protease inhibitors have been widely studied for their ability to combat cancer by preventing the synthesis of key proteins required for cancer cells spread. By destroying premalignant cells they block the initiation of the cancer process. One specific protease inhibitor that has been specifically studied for its implications with cancer is the Bowman-Birk inhibitor. In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that the Bowman-Birk inhibitor can exert a protective and/or suppressive effect on cancer development. It has also been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects and immune boosting properties while reducing auto-immune responses.

The Bowman-Birk inhibitor has shown some incredible results when tested against numerous human cancer cell lines and animal-based cancer models. All this and it does not interfere with function and replication of normal, healthy cells.

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Saponins are plant steroids that foam when mixed with water. This is where their name comes from. In Latin, the word “sapo,” means soap. But these little guys are much more than just the cleanup crew. They have been studied for their ability to induce cancer cell death, improve immune function, and fight free radical damage. Lab studies also show these compounds can destroy leukemia cells and keep them from potentially spreading throughout the body.

By affecting cell morphology, proliferation enzymes, and growth, saponins may also be effective in preventing colon cancer. There are also studies that show saponins can block certain signaling pathways in colon cancer cells. These pathways are crucial for the survival of the colon cancer cell. These implications also may apply to other types of cancer.

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Plant sterols are compounds found in plants that are structurally related to cholesterol. Phytosterols have been studied for their well-known effects on cholesterol levels. There is increasing evidence that adding phytosterols into the diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, there is also research into the potential role it can play in mitigating cancer risk. Their cholesterol modulating actions may actually overlap with anti-cancer actions.

Researchers at the University of Manitoba in Canada have reported evidence that phytosterols can help prevent ovarian, breast, stomach, and lung cancer. One of the reasons this is believed to happen is due to the high antioxidant levels and their anti-inflammatory effects. This like the other compounds mentioned before will fight free radical damage that produces unhealthy cells. They also have been found to inhibit proliferation (multiplication of cells) and induce natural apoptosis (cell death). There is much to be learned about phytosterols and their role in the body.

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Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) also known as Phytic Acid or phytates. Aside from cancer prevention, dietary phytates been reported to help protect against diabetes mellitus, dental cavities, heart disease and prevent kidney stone formation. Phytates have shown a targeted approach in attacking cancer cells. In studies on colon cancer and leukemia, only the unhealthy cells were killed off and the normal healthy cells were left alone. Much like the other compounds in this list, a combination of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting activities, detox, differentiation, and anti-angiogenesis are the methods of targeting cancer cells. These are all the principal pathways needed to fight cancer.

Phytates have the ability to act on immune function to augment NK (Natural Killer) cells to hunt and dispose of cancerous cells. One remarkable quality of phytates is their ability to make a cancer cell stop acting like a cancerous cell and return normal functioning cell. This is amazing. They have also been studied for their ability to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

Phytates have been looked at as an “anti-nutrient” in the past due to their ability to bind minerals in the digestive tract, making them less available to our bodies. However, these same properties are what help in the prevention of chronic disease. Phytic acid binds with various metals and suppresses damaging oxidation.

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This is just scratching the surface of the complex inner-workings of Haelan 951 and its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune boosting effects on the body.

For over 30 years we have taken pride in Haelan 951 and ensured that we are producing a beverage that is worth every penny. It has transformed the lives of so many and we are continually grateful to our customers and to the medical professionals that have trusted our product to help their patients.

If you are considering Haelan 951 and are still weighing your options, we would love to talk to you. Our staff has the knowledge of over 30 years of company history and is ready to help answer all your questions.

We understand that this is a significant investment into your health and we also understand that it does not taste that great. But if you give it a try, we believe that you will not be disappointed.


Typical Serving Suggestions

1/2 - 1 oz /day

Typically taken for overall health and wellness. 1 bottle lasts 8-16 days.

2 - 4 oz /day

Typically taken for enhancement cellular recovery.* 1 bottle lasts 2-4 days.

8 oz /day

Typically taken for advanced health revcovery.* 1 bottle lasts 1 day.

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