It is very important to remember that Haelan 951 is not a drug and should not be submitted for reimbursement with a prescription drug reimbursement form through your health insurance provider. When submitting to see if you can receive reimbursement for Haelan 951, you should file under the medical benefits portion of your health insurance plan.

Getting reimbursed for Haelan 951 is not a guarantee. Our clients have seen reimbursements from United, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and BlueCross BlueShield depending upon who their insurance carrier is. Reimbursements have ranged between 20-80% of total product cost on the submitted receipts. Clients have also seen denials based upon the health insurance plan they have.

1) Get a Letter of Medical Necessity (LOMN) from your provider
If you haven’t spoken to your doctor about Haelan 951, you will need to do so now. We have examples of what the letter could look like, but it is important for your doctor to write a letter for you if he/she feels that Haelan 951 is a medical necessity for you at this time. This is the most beneficial document when it comes to getting you reimbursed by your medical insurance carrier.

2) Get a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) from your provider
If you have not yet received this document prior to consuming Haelan 951, this can be completed at the same time you speak to your provider about the LOMN. Although Haelan 951 is classified as a conventional food with FDA, your medical insurance provider will need a TAR in order to help facilitate your reimbursement. This document is equally as important as the LOMN.

3) Get the insurance forms from your medical insurance carrier
You can contact our team and we may have these forms on file for you. However, it is always best to call the number found on the back of your insurance card and speak with a representative requesting which form(s) you will need to fill out for reimbursement. Please remember that Haelan 951 is not a drug and should not be filed under the prescription drug reimbursement under your health insurance carrier, but rather filed under the medical benefits portion of your insurance plan.

4) Gather Haelan 951 Invoices
You will need to compile all the invoices/receipts for Haelan 951 that you wish to be reimbursed for. Haelan Products, Inc. will have all the receipts on file if you have purchased directly from headquarters. If you have purchased Haelan 951 from a distributor, you will need to contact them for your receipt.

Optional Steps

5) Ask your doctor for a prescription for Haelan 951
This is an optional step simply because it is not typical to receive a prescription for a conventional food. However, we have learned through our clients that your medical insurance carrier may request this document as “supporting evidence” of the claim.

6) Call Haelan Products, Inc. for help
Our client services team has had experience helping clients gather documents and assisting them during the reimbursement process. Feel free to give them a call before, during, or after gathering the above documents if you have questions.

Final Step

7) Submit your reimbursement claim
Once you feel you have everything you need to file for reimbursement, you or your doctor’s office will need to submit your claim – Haelan Products, Inc. cannot and will not do so. It typically takes about 60-90 days to hear back from your medical insurance carrier. It is OK to call them following up on your submission prior to the 60-90 day timeframe.