Can a unique
Nitrogen Fermented Mongolian Soybean 
drastically improve your health? 


So what is this mystery fermented Mongolian soy?

A highly concentrated soy beverage with a 30 year history of improving health and quality of life.

Scientifically designed, 100% organic, non-GMO, highly concentrated, nitrogen fermented soybean beverage.

Not your average soybean.

Promoting the body’s natural mechanisms of healing and immune support through whole food synergy.

With studies on ALS stabilization, cancer, PTSD, immune support and more, Haelan 951® is fermented soy beverage that provides superior nutrition for maximum results.*

What Makes Haelan 951 So Powerful?

Pure Nature Backed by Science

Our patented process has never been duplicated. (Many have tried)

Haelan 951 provides extremely absorbable anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting compounds.

Our team works with the top scientists in the world to ensure Haelan 951 is loaded with ingredients and compounds that help promote natural healing.*

Insurance Reimbursements

We understand the cost of staying healthy. That is why we work hard to help. Qualified orders of Haelan 951 may be eligible for reimbursement.

We have seen reimbursements up to 95%.


Quality Control

We understand the importance of knowing exactly what goes in your body.
That is why Haelan 951 is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients to aid in boosting your body’s immune function and ability to fight disease.
To accomplish this we hold the highest growing, harvesting, and fermenting standards - verified by lab testing.
AND, unlike a lot of options on the market, Haelan 951 has a record of use and peer-reviewed studies to back up its immune-boosting power.*

What are health professionals saying?

"When we have people employ Haelan 951, it's amazing what we see and our medical team does blood profiles and follow-ups... If you are facing any immune problem this can help."

Dr. Brian Clement
Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute

“I’ve been recommending Haelan 951 for over 20 years for all damaged immune system protocols. What I’ve found is that there is nothing better to help build back the immune system than this product. It has all the right compounds, and the right delivery method, to deliver what the body needs to recover. This is a great company and I’ve loved working with them.”

Dr. James Dail PhD, ThD, ND
Health the Right Way

"During my second cancer journey, Haelan 951 was an important part of my healing protocol and had a very positive impact on my healing... I have recommended Haelan 951 for many years."

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

"I recommend Haelan 951 on a regular basis. It is full of nutrients that are balanced by nature Haelan 951 has a track record of being anti-inflammatory and boosting immunity like nothing else"

Dr. Jill MacDougall
Healing Integrity

Not all soy is created equal!!

For thousands of years soybeans have been a part of a traditional Asian diet. This is due to soybeans having a robust nutritional profile. Soybeans are rich in vitamins, minerals, and complete protein. Soybeans contain all the essential amino acids, and this makes them unique. Traditional dishes were generally fermented to unlock the true benefits of soybeans and over the year’s epidemiologist have noted that these traditional diets have led to overall lower occurrences in prostate cancer, breast cancer and other health issues. A study on residents of Okinawa, Japan found a soy rich diet to be a major contributor to some calling it “the healthiest place on earth.”

Over the years, the industrial applications of growing soy have dominated the growing market for soybean production. From crayons to fuel, soybeans found their way into almost every aspect of our lives. This rise in demand caused a major need to increase the production of soybean crops. In the early 1990s the agricultural implications of genetic engineering were starting to be realized. With this type of advancement, they could produce a crop that could resist drought, herbicides, disease and increase or decrease specific profile traits of the crop. This genetic engineering and rushed growing process has led to a major decline in the quality of much of the soy available today - making it in many cases have negative health effects instead of positive.

There are still a few species of soybean that have the same positive health effects experienced for thousands of years.

But, they can be hard to find...

Ready to see the science?

The effect of fermented soy (FSWW08) on blood hematology and cachexia in cancer patients

“The clinical study presented here shows that the use of two fermented soy products (FSWW08 (Haelan951) with and without yam root extract) reduces appetite loss, cachexia and leukocytopenia in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.”

The flavonoid beverage Haelan 951 induces growth arrest and apoptosis in pancreatic carcinoma cell lines in vitro

"The results show for the first time that Haelan may be a promising candidate in the treatment of human pancreatic cancer, and its anticancer activity may be potentiated when administered with calpain inhibitors."

Managing immunity in resistant cancer patients correlates to survival: results and discussion of a pilot study

"This publication reports two new findings from a pilot study with postsurgical, treatment resistant patients conducted over four years. First, neither treatment resistance nor side effects were observed. Second, more patients have survived than expected."

Balancing steroidal hormone cascade in treatment-resistant veteran soldiers with PTSD using a fermented soy product (FSWW08): a pilot study

“It is the first time that the normalization of the whole steroidal hormone cascade in the blood could be correlated with improvements in mental and physical parameters (especially metabolic and immunologic disorders) in veterans with combat-related and treatment-resistant PTSD.”

Haelan 951 has undergone many studies and has proven itself time and time again. Many of these studies have been published on The National Institute of Health website for you to review.

What our customers are saying about this stuff!

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What should you expect with Haelan 951?

Haelan 951 is a very unique fermented soy beverage and we get that you may not know what to expect with something so different.

So, here it is:

First: We do not add any fillers, additives, flavoring or any other garbage that could take away from the healing properties. Therefore, it does not taste great. We have specifically formulated a peppermint sweetener to help the taste if you need it.

Second: Because Haelan 951 is extremely rich in phytonutrients, some may experience a detox in the first few days. This is a great thing. As your body gets rid of toxins, it opens up for more effective healing.

Third: Weather you are just taking half an ounce per day or much more, many people report feeling a difference in in the first couple days. Here are just a few things that are often reported.

Reduced Inflammation*

Less Pain*

Mental Clarity and Better Mood*

More Energy*

Just to name a few...


Are you ready for our special offer?

Special Offer!



Looking to order higher quantity? Call or email us.


Typical consumption is 1/2 ounce - 8 ounces at a time.

That's up to 14 days of concentrated nutrition in one bottle.

A little bit will go a long way.


> How do I store Haelan 951?

Keep closed in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Refrigerate after opening.

> Intake Guidelines

Individuals who are taking Haelan 951 for general wellness typically start with 1/2 to 1 oz. per day.

If you are fighting a degenerative disease consider taking up to 8 oz. per day.

If you are unsure of the proper serving to take, please call us at (866) 360-2193.

> How long has Haelan 951 been around?

The Haelan 951 Platinum formulation has been around for 28 years. Haelan 851 was its precursor for two years before top scientist in the world helped design a better product – Haelan 951.

> Is Haelan 951 registered with the FDA?

Yes. Haelan 951 is registered as a low acid canned food which means it falls under the conventional food category.

> If Haelan 951 is manufactured in China, are you sure it is safe?

Yes, and we are certain it is safe. Our plant that manufactures Haelan 951 in China operates under the exact same GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification requirements set by the FDA for all drugs – an international practice standard. This means it is routinely inspected and is at the highest possible criteria for a manufacturing plant. Our GMP manufacturing practices means that the Haelan 951’s production is on par with: Prescription Drugs, OTC Drugs, Medical Foods, etc. We take quality control very seriously and do not allow for any potential error for the creation of our product.

> What about soy and estrogen?

Firstly, Haelan 951 is a fermented soy product and is anti-estrogenic. Those who told you to stay away from soy most likely meant conventional soy rather than true fermented soy. Many people do not understand the difference between the two.


Conventional soy is not good for estrogen positive cancers (especially breast cancer) while fermented soy such, as Haelan 951, is extremely beneficial.

For more info on soy and how fermenter soy is anti-estrogenic, click on the following link from The Townsend Letter: 

> Can I add something to improve the taste of Haelan?

The concentration of nutrients, isoflavones and amino acids in this product make it quite bitter. In addition, the liquid is alkaline making the taste a problem to some consumers. The following suggestions are helpful in overcoming the taste and palatability:

Our top suggestion to greatly improving the taste is adding our Sweet Mint Flavoring. 

We suggest that you avoid sugar in any diet. Therefore, sugar is not recommended as an additive to your beverage if you have cancer and are consuming Haelan 951.

> I am a healthcare professional. How do I become a distributor of Haelan 951?

Healthcare professionals should contact the US headquarter office at 1 (800) 542-3526 or and forward a copy of their credentials. Please see the link our website for more information: Information for Healthcare Providers.

> What is the return policy?

US Domestic returns and refunds are required within 30 days on unopened merchandise. Upon return and inspection, we may issue appropriate refund minus any shipping fees and a 5% restocking fee. Please contact our customer service department at 888-548-3526 with your order number for a return authorization number prior to returning your order.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The information provided on this website is for advertising purposes only and does not take the place of talking to your doctor or healthcare professional. Haelan 951 is not approved nor intended to take the place of any type of therapy. Haelan 951 can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but not in its place. If you have questions about your condition, or if you would like more information on taking Haelan 951, please talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

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