Can You Really Boost Your Immune System: Debunking Common Myths About Boosting Your Immune System


Can You Really Boost Your Immune System?

Debunking Common Myths About Boosting Your Immune System

Why and how is it possible to boost your immune system? When global health concerns inspire you to take note of what you’re doing in your own life to promote your health, you can come across a lot of information and advice that can conflict and confuse. What’s more, not everything out there is accurate. Amidst all this information, it’s important to identify which ways will keep your body as healthy as possible. Here are just a few myths about boosting your immune system to keep in mind.


Loading Up On Multivitamins

We all know at least one person with a series of daily vitamin pills they use to keep sickness at bay. But does that really work? Some say that it’s impossible for the average person to “boost” immunity by taking extra vitamins. Overdoing it on vitamin pills and supplements can challenge your immune system and put you at risk for autoimmune disorders. In an interview with the Harvard Medical School, professor Michael Starnbach writes, "If there were a wholesale boost to the immune system, it could trigger autoimmunity and other problems.”

Immune systems are designed to help your body ward off illnesses, and you’re better off putting your body in the best possible position to have a strong immune system. Some supplementation can aid the immune system to function more effectively. You can also help this by getting enough sleep, keeping your stress levels low, and eating a healthy diet. Doing these things can set you up for success.



Exercising and the Immune System

Endurance exercising is seen by many as a great way to get in shape, stay social, and maintain one’s overall health. However, some may be thwarted by the myth that exercise can decrease immunity. Luckily, exercising increases immunity by sending immune cells many parts of the body. If you have found a connection between working out and an increase in illness, consider other factors that you may not have noticed. For example, if you work out in a group or at a popular gym, you may be exposed to more illness and more likely to catch one. By taking separate precautions like washing your hands and wiping down workout equipment, you can allow an exercise habit to help you increase immunity.


How Can You “Boost” Your Immune System and Keep Your Immune System Healthy?

Why is it important to keep your immune system healthy? While a lot of immune system information can be overwhelming and exhausting, being able to find ways in which you can maintain your immune system will allow you to carry out daily activities without pesky colds, coughing, or other symptoms.

To stay healthy through natural practices, you can form habits that give your immune system the best possible environment to operate. Sleeping, staying hydrated, and monitoring your diet to make sure you’re taking in the vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy can give your immune system good circumstances to fight off illnesses.


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