Plant-Based Vitamin C

Wellness Wednesday: Plant-Based Vitamin C


Last week I talked about the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition. This week I want to talk about one vitamin in particular, Vitamin C. 


Natural vitamin C sources offer some of the most important nutrients for your body. This is because of the full spectrum of readily available antioxidants along with the complimentary phytonutrients from whole-food sources. Vitamin C helps develop the immune system, to protect against infection, and aid other health problems.


Many vitamin C supplements are made from GMO corn. Along with the many issues that GMOs present, these supplements are generally only ascorbic acid. Plant-based vitamin C is different because it contains all of the complimentary compounds to work in synergy with the vitamin C. This helps to provide better absorption into the body and allows you to take it for much longer periods without the negative effects of isolates. 


Benefits of Vitamin C:

  1. Fight Oxidative Stress and Cancer

  2. Support Oral and Brain Health

  3. Promote Healthy Skin

  4. Improve Heart Health

  5. Improve Energy Levels

  6. Combat Weight Gain

  7. Reduce Risk of Stroke

  8. Lower Toxic Burden

  9. And much more...


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Until next time! Make good choices and stay healthy! 😀