What is addressed?

Inflammation & Oxidation

Stress, free radicals and toxins.

Hormonal Balancing

Due to diet, medical history or disease.


Small molecules, peptides or proteins that cause harm.

How is it addressed?


Specifically Genestein and Daidzein have been studied for their ability to massively reduce inflammation and oxidation.


Naturally-occurring plant nutrient help balance hormones naturally

Vitamins and Amino Acids

Various vitamins as well as essential and branched chain amino acids

Why Haelan 951?

Haelan 951 is safe for the whole family. Immune function is critical to fighting any disease and staying healthy. Haelan 951 has calculated levels of various immune boosting phytonutrients, each having been studied for their effects on inflammation, oxidation and immune function. Together these compounds work in synergy to provide a great addition to a healthy diet. One study documented a 700% non-specific increase in immune function after just 20 days. By using the naturally occurring compounds found in our specific soybeans, we have seen a dramatic increase in their ability aid the body in natural health.

Active Serving

For those actively fighting a disease

8 oz daily serving

Wellness Serving

For general wellness and support

1 oz daily serving